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Congo Is Still Bleeding

There is a silent genocide in Congo right now! Are you aware of this?

The video below was published almost a decade ago and this is still an ongoing issue!

48 women are raped every hour in The Democratic Republic of Congo ("The DRC"). Over 6 million people in The DRC have died for the benefit of the Western World.

Everyday, Congolese men women and children are raped, tortured, starved and torn away from their families, just so you and I can use phones, laptops and tablets.

The image below is a clear depiction of the exploitation of the people and resources of The DRC. How many more lives need to be lost for this to stop? How many more women need to be raped for this to stop? How many more children need to be torn away from their families for this to stop? This is a real life issue and this silent Holocaust is unacceptable.

It is important to be informed on what is going on in this world. To understand more about why this is happening, google: "Congo Is Bleeding".


Aishah Akorede

Founder and CEO of Recrowned Ireland

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