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R Collections

Who are we?

R Collections is a black-owned business which was established on the 12th of October 2020. We produce hand-made aromatic fragrances for our female customers, hopefully in the future males included. We pride ourselves in wanting to bring aromatic scents to our customers, knowing that every place they go they leave a pleasant scent behind. We love to say, ‘Leave your signature scent behind’. Each perfume bottle is captured in a crown shaped lid with diamonds. On the ‘R Collections’ logo, a crown sits on the ‘R’. Our brand represents royalty, power, honour, and sophistication. R Collections believes that every customer of ours should feel like that when they smell good.

What Is New?!

For the candle lovers, we have recently introduced scented candles to our collection, aiming to leave your homes with scents of your choice! With our new addition to the collection, we have changed it up. Instead of just buying your candle already scented and made, we are allowing the customers to make their very own candle. From the candle colour to the design of the candle. We hope, in this way, we can engage with our customers more and get to know your likes and dislikes.

What makes us unique?

Unlike your mass-produced perfumes and candles you find in your local stores, we hand-make every product we sell carefully. Time and effort has been put into our research, to make sure our customers do not react to anything. With the fragrances, although each individual has different preferences, we still aim to satisfy our customers by producing a perfume of their liking but still bring out our original scents. With the candles, R collections provides a large variety of scents, colours and ribbons to make sure we can make the perfect candle for you.

Where Can You Find Us?

We hope that in the future we can finally open up an R collections website, however, for now you can find us on ( Instagram ) where most of our information is, if you do not have Instagram you can find us on ( Facebook).

An Encouragement Message For Future Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is not easy honestly speaking, but once you find something you enjoy doing you continue to drive and push your company. Sitting and procrastinating will not lead you anywhere but starting up what you love and pushing it to the top, most certainly will lead you somewhere.

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