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ByO Cosmetics

ByO Cosmetics is a luxury-affordable makeup brand that provides a range of vegan friendly and cruelty free makeup products- from mink lashes to lip gloss to eyeshadow. Our aim at ByO Cosmetics is to provide luxury and quality products at affordable prices for every kind of person, from beginners to make up lovers to MUA! Our slogan is ‘I Am Beauty’ and we hope that all our customers find beauty within themselves while using our products.

As our CEO is the MUA at @beautybyolaa , the makeup artist approval, knowledge, experiences and quality is what makes us unique. Every single product has been tried and tested by our CEO and only the highest standard products have been approved.

Follow us on Instagram @byocosmetics, our Facebook shop ‘ByO Cosmetics’ and visit our website to shop at

A word of encouragement from our CEO:

If you want to start something you have a passion for, START NOW. You don’t have to start off big (nobody ever started with 10k followers and 100 sales a day). You’ll have fruitful seasons, but also dry ones but remember : as long as you have that burning passion for it, you WILL make it and you will be alright!!

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