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Miss Earth Ireland

Hey gorgeous reader, my name is Vivian, I'm a 21 year old student studying Creative Computing and I am currently running for Miss Earth Ireland 2021.

What is Miss Earth Ireland?

Miss Earth Ireland is a beauty pageant for a cause, focusing on environmental protection, environmental action and climate justice. The overall aim is to simply raise awareness about the environment around us, communicate ways in how we can make small changes in our life to further help the environment and furthermore protect and support your local communities by doing what is possible to be environmentally and socially aware.

Miss Earth Ireland currently has 34 finalists from over hundreds of applicants who applied. Miss Earth Ireland very kindly planted trees in conjunction with One Tree Planted, for each person that applied. In doing so, they were able to plant 150 trees around the world just from applicants before the competition even began. This is one incredible example of how the pageant aims to give back to the environment and communities around the world.

This competition continues to strive to promote sustainability, environmental awareness and tourism in Ireland as well as support small businesses within our local communities.

The 34 finalists within Miss Earth Ireland will go on to compete for the Miss Earth Ireland title and the winner goes on to continue in their advocacy for environmental change in the final Miss Earth finals taking place in the Philippines.

Why is raising awareness about the environment important?

It is no secret that over the years the Earth has become increasingly polluted. With CO2 levels rising, deforestation, growing extinction of biodiversity and so much more contributing to global warming, it is growing increasingly imperative for us to start caring about our environment.

Without action, it is estimated by 2050, our global greenhouse emissions could rise by 50%, with a 70% growth in CO2 levels, fewer forests which would result in fewer animal and plant species and overall a very uninhabitable Earth for both humans and animals.

By raising awareness about the growing climate issue we are facing, we could make an impact by spreading the message of the importance of doing our part to give back to the one place we can call home.

Social media has made it incredibly efficient to raise awareness about the current global situation but we can continue to do so much more through writing about it, talking about it etc.

Miss Earth Ireland and Miss Earth are great platforms that showcase these issues in an easily accessible and relatable way to reach more people out there that may be interested in doing something to help the environment but do not know how to get started.

What can you do to raise awareness?

To help continuing to raise awareness, use your voice, whether on social media or in person.

  • Share posts and stories you feel may help spread a message about the environment

  • Talk to friends and family

  • Read books

  • Watch documentaries

  • Donate to/support charities

These may seem like small actions but they make the biggest impact. If every single person who is capable, is able to make one small change such as, being more sustainable, recycling, planting a tree or even just donating a small amount to a charity, we can be the difference that helps to save our environment and planet and keep it alive for the future generation.

Why me for Miss Earth Ireland?

When applying for Miss Earth Ireland, the initial aspect about the competition that caught my eye was the One Tree Planted fundraiser for every applicant. I had never before entered in any sort of pageant but thought to myself, if I was to enter in one, I would want to give back to the environment while doing so. By putting my name down I knew that even if I was not selected as a finalist, I would be contributing to a tree being planted somewhere and helping restore the greenery within the planets forests that has been lost over years of deforestation.

I was very luckily selected a finalist and proudly able to continue on in advocating for something I am deeply passionate about.

In my campaign for Miss Earth Ireland, I want to bring awareness to how we can be more sustainable in our day to day lives by making small changes that have a huge impact.

Everyone and everything is connected to the Earth and to each other and by taking care of our surroundings we are equally taking care of each other. Like the butterfly effect, one small application from me for Miss Earth, resulted in one tree being planted. Equally, one small action taken to be more sustainable in our daily lives, can result in the future generations having a planet they can continue to grow and thrive in.

Being from a third world country but growing up in a first world country, really taught me the importance of valuing the things you have, trying not to waste anything whether it is food, clothes etc. and most importantly giving back to those around us. The best way to take care of your neighbour, is to also take care of your land.

One small sustainable action can not only positively impact the environment around you but also positively impact neighbouring countries, people and the future generations to come.

As Miss Earth Ireland, I will continue to advocate for sustainability and environmental protection in order to leave behind a planet everyone can call home.

To learn more about me and Miss Earth Ireland, follow their social media page on Instagram where you can see more about the competition and other finalists.

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