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Bye Bye 2021, Hello 2022

It is our 1st anniversary since the launch of our website!! What better way is there to celebrate than a recap of all the fun and inspiring activities we did throughout the year?


We finally launched our website!


February - March

New Blogs Alert!!!

Women in Business Blogs

We launched our 'Women in Business' blogs! We believe it is important to recognise

entrepreneurial women in Ireland. This month we were blessed to publish blogs about black-owned, women-owned businesses. Check out some of these blogs here!

Awareness Blogs

We also launched our 'Awareness Blogs' in February. At Recrowned Ireland we believe it is important to remain aware of what is happening in the world. We are a team of strong intersectional feminists and for this reason, we are grateful that we can share the experiences and perceptions of others. Since February is Black History month, we published blogs relative to colourism and black history. Check out our Februarary awareness blogs below:

'Black History Month - Black Women'

- Vivian Birungi

'The Effect of Colourism - A Black Girl's Confession'

- Gladys Etuh

Click this link to view more blog posts published throughout the year:



Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention Month

​We launched our 'Silence Hides Violence' campaign to fundraise and raise awareness on childhood sexual violence. We began fundraising by walking 50km in the first week of April.

We launched our 'Silence Hides Violence' raffle. Genourous businesses donated their products and services to make this raffle possible, including: Kin-eticts, A.Y.X Collections, Gym Eire, Melt Effect, Care Online Co, Chi Beauty Brand, Enhanced By Aisha, Olala Cosmetics, Yk Barbz, V Lashed It, KL Kuisine and Mr Custom.

Throughout the duration of the campaign we received publications to raise awareness on the issue of sexual violence including: Poetry from Cloud Writing S and blog posts.

All the proceeds raised (€ 700) were donated to One in Four! Thank you to everyone who participated in the 50km walk, donated to the cause, and raised awareness with us!



A Month of Awareness

The founder of Recrowned Ireland, Aishah Akorede spoke with The Switch Podcast on their season finale about hot topics including materialism, normalisation of crime, cancel culture, mental health, Congo in Bleeding, and much more!

Check out our blog post about Palestine published this month:



We Got A Scholarship!!!

We were blessed to have the opportunity to work on our upcoming Menstrual Poverty campaign and develop our ideas for this campaign with The Ideas Collective 2021 by



Congratulations Vivian!!!

Vivian is the Editor in Chief at Recrowned Ireland. We were proud to support her on her journey during Miss Earth Ireland. Vivian became Miss Earth-Water Ireland in 2021! Congratulations Vivian!!!

Check out information regarding her platform, sponsor, and more about sustainability by clicking the links below.

Miss Earth Ireland:

Nickeze (previously Nixx World):

Sustainability and You:



We Won Judges' Choice and Peoples' Choice Awards!

Our Creative Director, Benita Murinda, presented our Menstrual Poverty campaign to judges and the audience for the Ideas For Change Showcase 2021 by !

We won €1000 from the Judges' Choice award. We also won €500 from the Peoples' Choice award.

Thank you so much to the judges and the audience for seeing the potential impact that our campaign can have on people who menstruate in Ireland and globally.

Thank you to and Irish Aid for the funding and continuous support throughout the preparation for this campaign!


November - December

Recrowned Ireland vs Period Poverty

We officially launched our Menstrual Poverty campaign. After a 3 month long workshop with and securing funding for our Recrowned Ireland vs Period Poverty campaign, we decided to work in collaboration with Nickeze and Saol Project to combat menstrual poverty in a sustainable manner.

Aishah Akorede (Recrowned Ireland Founder) and Maryam Yabo (Sustainability ) took part in the #Freetheflow Panel Discussion alongside leading voices on the topic of Menstrual Poverty!

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