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The Pk Plug

As the owner of The Pk Plug, my brand aim is to make one self one's biggest asset. Whether it may be just from only eyelashes, accessories or wigs, you are valued a lot and you can be your biggest asset. We strive to make every male & female feel enhanced by purchasing our products. We are an inclusive brand that ensures that every race & ethnicity can purchase comfortably.

What makes us unique? Our eyelash band is extremely unique. Its strength and flexibility contribute to the uniqueness of our brand. Our eyelash band has the ability to adjust to anyone’s eye-shape, simply by cutting it from 'outwards in'. Additionally, clients experience no excess shedding over time, meaning our eyelashes last months !

What’s new?!

To our dark-skin ladies, this one is for you! Our matte bullet lipstick shades preferably suit dark-skin women who struggle to find a nude shade that does not make them feel confident.

Our shades compliment many different skin tones and with our naturally formulated lipsticks, made from scratch, you also benefit from a healthy lip underneath!

You benefit too!! We have entrepreneur E books and vendors lists on our site! These lists come with a guide to help beginners or professionals to increase in their business skills. We also sell Versa-gel base in Ireland for lipgloss entrepreneurs! We know how hard it is to buy a base abroad, we have made it easier for you. Now you have your own vendor right here in Ireland !!

Purchase from us today with code: SASSY for 10% OFF your first order. (PK) ThePkPlug

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