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A.Y.X Collections

A.Y.X Collections is an Irish black owned small business which launched on the 21st of July 2020.

It has been a great journey ever since. Our aim is to focus on bringing the best quality products to our customers making sure they are satisfied but to also bring out the inner confidence in our gorgeous customers as I like to call them our dolls, whenever they wear our products.

We provide a set of fashionable fur headbands that are high in quality. An accessory that can be added with your banging outfit.

3D Mink eyelashes which are easy to apply on and very comfortable. Increasing the length and fullness of your lashes ranging from 20MM - 25MM in length.

Lip Glosses that are hydrating, non-sticky and include vitamin E to promote soft lips and for Xtra long lasting shine. All lip care products are handmade, cruelty free, 100% vegan and made with love.

What makes us unique is the fact that we make sure our customers know that you don't need to do much to be the beautiful person you are & to show your beauty, pop on lashes and lip gloss and you're off to go. Our products are made to enhance the beauty you already had no matter the age or gender.

You can find us here


Instagram: Ayxcollections

About your CEO

My name is Ayo and that is where I got the name A.Y.X from. I've always wanted to have my own business and show my creativity.

I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way with and without makeup. A.Y.X Collections is made to suit everyone, natural dolls & also the dramatic dolls. Word of encouragement - Don't decrease your goals but increase the effort.

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